#TBT – 14 things you never knew about the hymenal ring

One of my most popular posts makes a comeback for this week’s Throwback Thursday (#TBT). Enjoy! … 14 Things You Never Knew About the Hymenal Ring First let’s start with the obvious: what is the hymenal ring, and why should we know about it? I will begin with very brief definition of the hymen itself, as a […]


Monthly chai date

I have no idea how September came to be. The moments have felt fleeting – my last “this moment” (prior to yesterday) was last month, posted when I still felt grasps on “this moment” rather than all of the next moments rushing by. I cannot remember the last time I sat down and had a […]


this moment

 . . . . . . . . {this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the day, week, or year. Would love to see a photo capturing something memorable from your week!


Music Monday – Tracy Chapman, Talking About A Revolution

It’s a Tracy Chapman, revolution kind of day. Thinking of all of you, out there, doing amazing work. Sending you love and support and energy. Don’t whisper your revolution – yell it with all your might. Share your own personal revolution, a story that is moving you, or whatever else is your or your community’s […]


From the Fountain

What is the fountain from which we all draw? It could not be an individual system that supplies each one of us. If it were only within ourselves, we would be left without options for renewal, for nourishment in drought, for reinforcement when others come to us in need of sharing. With only one fountain, […]

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Monthly chai date

July into August has felt all about time. Sun-lit time decreasing here in the Midwest. Summertime dwindling and already speckled with glimpses of autumn. Time-sensitive deadlines. Timely occurrences. But with my vacation last week and today’s re-entry, hopefully my focus on time dwindles, so that I am able to focus on self care, reflect on […]

One of my favorite things about being a midwife is…

Finally (finally!) finishing an article I have been wanting to write for a long time (about evidence and feminist views against doing routine pelvic exams on asymptomatic people), and feeling thankful for two years of this awesome community. Just wanted to take a writing break to share!

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