Movie Monday: The Hunting Ground

The Hunting Ground, a film about sexual assault on college campuses. To find out more, visit

Movie Monday: Vessel

Taking a break from the music for a bit, I have a few movies I want to spread the word about. Given that today is National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day, below I share the trailer for Vessel, a documentary about a provider who travels the world by boat to bring reproductive options to women internationally. […]

Midwives, have you voted?!?! Get on it!

This is my final push toward the current midwife elections for President-Elect, Secretary, Region II and Region V representatives. By the way, did I mention that I’m running for Secretary? I’m sure I have Check out each candidate’s stance and mission for leadership at I’ve copied and pasted my written info below, though my […]

She will declare herself

Language reflects culture a verbal expression of nurture versus nature a lexicon of social and emotional understanding an often intrinsic and automatic reflection of surroundings, knowledge, and belief Medical language reflects medical culture an institution rich in lingual flavor marinated in history wrapped in patriarchy seasoned with misogyny salivated in judgment Listening to one morning […]



Hold space

As kids we learn about space Outer Planetary Distant As adults we learn about space Private Public Personal As people we learn about space Yours Mine Ours As providers we learn about space Proprioceptive Subdural Anatomical But what about the space between us? What about space created? What about space destroyed? What about space held? […]

Humanistic care in busy settings

Students are so cool, and innovative, and on top of the most important issues – y’all probably already know that, but I want to point it out because it bears repeating! I was recently fortunate enough to be invited by a group of midwifery and nurse practitioner students to speak on a panel of fellow care providers […]

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#TBT: Defeated. Renewed.

I am having a good week clinically, but for some reason just the sight of the snow in downtown Chicago recently brought this post to mind. I have also been reminded that the smallest detail can bring up a memory that I had no idea was so big. So, here’s to the big and small memories […]

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