Monthly chai date

February: a month intentional in its pronunciation and annual final day inclusion – to leap or not to leap is never a question, it’s a plan. For me, this has been a month of mis-intentions, so I feel as though February and I are out of sync. I was sick, and sick again, then sick […]


The ringing phone wakes me up from a deep sleep. She, breathing heavily, reports contractions and not sure if she should come in. I encouraged water, rest, and if the “ganas” keep coming, that I would be here to check on she and her baby when they arrived. I laid back down, thinking I had another hour of […]

Music Monday: Midwifery Ethical Rap

Lately my Mondays have been to the nth degree, so Tuesdays are my technical Mondays Enjoy this amazing rap by Shawna Robertson! … “We don’t want to cause her loss of autonomy Between you and me, we see, how she and we can come to be Free to make the choices that are right for […]


Hold space

As kids we learn about space Outer Planetary Distant As adults we learn about space Private Public Personal As people we learn about space Yours Mine Ours As providers we learn about space Proprioceptive Subdural Anatomical But what about the space between us? What about space created? What about space destroyed? What about space held? […]


Music Monday: Common and John Legend, Glory

Golden Globe winner, best original song for the movie ‘Selma.’ “That’s why Rosa sat on the bus That’s why we walk through Ferguson with our hands up When it go down we woman and man up They say, “Stay down” and we stand up Shots, we on the ground, the camera panned up King pointed […]

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Monthly Chai Date

January, to me, is a beginning of something that cannot be denied, avoided, or skirted along. It feels both expansive for the year ahead, but also a slowly accumulating and manageable checklist that progresses forward like an incoming tide, either walk within or it will catch up to you, but in a comforting, welcoming way. Let’s sit […]

#TBT: 12 Ways To Be a Feminist Healthcare Provider

I have written and re-written a post on ways to be a feminist patient – it is forthcoming! In the meantime, here is a reminder of where all providers can start with providing humanistic care. … 12 Ways To Be a Feminist Healthcare Provider “I write for those women who do not  speak, for those […]

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