Music Monday – Asa, Jailer

Lately I have been listening to the Ibeyi Pandora station (if you are not familiar with Ibeyi, check them out), and this incredible song by Asa came through on the mix. Enjoy. … Asa, Jailer “…I’m talking to you jailer Stop calling me a prisoner Let he who is without sin – Be the first […]


What I’m Reading (and thinking)

   Much of the travails in clinical care involves individualizing each experience – simultaneously ensuring people feel heard, that we educate as much as possible and respond to every question, and demonstrate care as much as healthcare. The delivery of that system, of being a person who succeeds and errs and has a personality and […]


Famous Midwives: Part 2

‘Famous Midwives’ is a Feminist Midwife blog series to bring awareness to the work of midwives, promote the national and international impact of midwifery, and advertise the images of those known to some by name, too few by face, but to midwives as part of our community. Each “Part” of the series includes midwives considered […]



Monthly Chai Date

March. Outside of its use as a monthly designation, it is a word indicating purpose. One marches for a reason, with intention and individuality and community. A march exists to advocate and advertise and alight conversation. Marchers are seen as part of their own accord as well as involved in a larger movement. And thus, […]

Movie Monday: The Hunting Ground

The Hunting Ground, a film about sexual assault on college campuses. To find out more, visit

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Midwives, have you voted?!?! Get on it!

This is my final push toward the current midwife elections for President-Elect, Secretary, Region II and Region V representatives. By the way, did I mention that I’m running for Secretary? I’m sure I have Check out each candidate’s stance and mission for leadership at I’ve copied and pasted my written info below, though my […]

She will declare herself

Language reflects culture a verbal expression of nurture versus nature a lexicon of social and emotional understanding an often intrinsic and automatic reflection of surroundings, knowledge, and belief Medical language reflects medical culture an institution rich in lingual flavor marinated in history wrapped in patriarchy seasoned with misogyny salivated in judgment Listening to one morning […]

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