Monthly chai date

August, for me, was a month of overlapping in comfortably simple and beautifully complex ways: autumn breezes on tail-end summer mornings, finishing hours at one job while starting into another, red tree leaves aside still-growing green ones, nighttime and daytime really just rushing together as time, and embarking on intentional friendships and time with others […]

Music Monday: Genevieve

I listen to NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts while reviewing labs, and Genevieve’s first song on it really blew me away this morning. So, so much fun. Enjoy! … “Whether you’re a girl, a boy, or another Whether you’re a player, a lover or a hater Your life is your design, so go ahead design it […]


this moment

{this moment} August 28, 2015 Woke up post-call to find that the University of Pennsylvania Penn Nursing Science CNM/WHNP students may have heard a bit about one of my blog posts. Relatedly, this Instagrammer is an amazing, powerful person with whom I worked in The Gambia, what feels like eons ago. I am beyond honored […]


Famous Midwives: Part 7

‘Famous Midwives’ is a Feminist Midwife blog series to bring awareness to the work of midwives, promote the national and international impact of midwifery, and advertise the images of those known to some by name, to few by face, but to midwives as part of our community. Each “Part” of the series includes midwives considered […]



On Revolutionary Self Care

Are you fitting #selfcare into your daily schedule? Exercise is just one part of my self care routine, as it is something that brings me energy, focus, and helps me know that I have taken care of myself so I can better take care of others. In my opinion, self care is also an act of independence, […]

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Midwives for Reproductive Justice

This post originates on the Nursing Students for Choice (NSFC) blog. The American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) recently celebrated its 60th Anniversary with a gathering of over 2,000 members in Washington, DC. Prior to this meeting, a caucus within the college, Midwives in Support of Reproductive Health and Abortion (MSRHA), initiated a discussion of a […]

#TBT: Layers

Originally posted 27 August 2014. Layers Sheets. Air. Water, soap, water. Jeans, shirt, shoes. ID, pager. Air. Shirt, scrubs, compression socks. Long white lab coat. Squeaky shoes, squeaky floor. Glow of the computer screen Stress binding. Sweat. Water, soap, water. Glove, lubricant. Vagina, cervix, hair, head, pelvis. Contraction. Pressure. Blood. Amniotic fluid. Sterile gown. Gloves. […]

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